Why Us?

Why POOJA SINGH DESIGN STUDIO? Because each item is bought/created with great care and only the best is picked from the huge variety out there. Because there is someone who can help you choose, answer any question, understand your problems and come to the right decision. Because you can shop to your heart's content without burning a hole in your pocket.

Saree, in India, has a history that dates back to hundreds of years. The wondrous thing about this fact is that it is still the most popular outfit for Indian women. Years of change all over the society has not affected the popularity of sarees at all. In fact, girls of the modern age have too begun to grow fond of this timeless outfit. In terms of designs, patterns, colours, textures etc the fashion industry is seeing a new wave in sarees. Fashion and fashion concepts change along with time.

Shopping is different with POOJA SINGH DESIGN STUDIO. Our personalized shopping experience brings to you only the best and selected range of sarees and suits to your doorstep. Our online boutique has a collection of the most exclusive and appreciated styles that showcase exquisiteness and glamour, which differs from person to person. The collection of sarees and suits has emerged out of veneration for the fashion heritage of India.